What is the Japanese Generative NFT collection Aopanda party?


Hi, I’m ko_san, Web3 grandpa, wanting to support Japanese NFTs.

Curious about promising Japanese NFTs?

Aopanda party is the answer.

Aopanda party is the Japanese Generative NFT collection created by Ao Umino-san,
whose TikTok followers exceed 650 thousand.

This post explains the details of Aopanda party and its attractiveness.


■What is the Ao-panda party?

Aopanda party is a Generative NFT Collection created by Ao Umino (@ aopanda _ ao) with over 650 thousand TikTok followers.

Ao-san is also a professional animator, and Ao-panda has become a very popular character for a wide range of people.

1)Here’s the description of Aopanda party NFT:

  • Concept:Want to increase people who live brightly with fun in an “everyday-is-party” mood.
  • Number of sales: 10,000
  • Pre-sale price:0.001ETH
  • Sales date and time:30th October 2022 at 12 o’clock.

2)About Ao Umino-san

Ao Umino (@ aopanda _ ao)-san, with over 650 thousand TikTok followers, is the founder of Aopanda party whchi is a Generative NFT Collection.

She is also a professional animator, and Aopanda has become a very popular character for a wide range of people.

■How to purchase Ao-Panda Party NFT at secondary market

WL or AL(Allow list) due date was over on 21st, October 2022 though, you can purchase the Aopanda Party NFT on the secondary market, OpenSea.

Please check the official link that will be open on the 30th of October 2022 around 1 o’clock PM.
This post will be updated on the day to show the official link.

Here’s how to purchase it.

1)Click the official Aopanda Party OpenSea link
2)Select the NFT you want to purchase
3)Connect your wallet
4)Confirm the gas fee and approve the transaction

Please search the web to find out the details.

■Be careful of the Phishing site

If you are not getting used to the NFT transaction, there will be a great risk that your precious NFTs will get stolen.

Here’s some tips you should know to avoid the risk.

1)Set up your discord not to receive DM, since they are fraud DMs.
2)Ignore the mentioned tweet with a fraud link.
3)Ignore unknown NFTs in your wallet before you know it.
4)Implement a hardware wallet and transfer your precious NFTs into it.

When you first join the discord community, you should set up not to receive DM like
the picture below.

Almost all of the DMs are frauds. So this setting is required.

You may also receive tweets with your user name mentioned with a link which looks like a real NFT official site.
And attractive advertisements like limited free mint and so on.
But all of them are frauds.

So just ignore them.

Sometimes, you notice that unknown NFTs are shown in your wallet.
In this case, all of them are skeptical. Just ignore them or hide them.

It is recommended that you purchase a hardware wallet and transfer your precious NFTs into it.
By doing so, you don’t have to worry about your PC being hacked and NFTs being stolen.

I’m personally using Ledger Nano S Plus. Official site is shown below.

Other than these mentioned above, Aopanda NFT has a special feature that can prevent phishing activities.

That is called “Panda Lock”. It has an anti-theft function.
The detailed description will be explained in another post.


The overview of Ao-Panda Party NFT and how to purchase it is described. 

Please join the discord community of the Aopanda party. It is called Pandao and about 6,500 members are participating in the PANDAO at the moment.

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