How to buy a ledger nano s plus


Hi, I’m ko_san, Web3 grandpa, wanting to support Japanese NFTs.

I want to buy a hardware wallet as cheaply as possible so my precious NFTs don’t get stolen, what can I do?

I can answer such questions.
I recommend buying the Ledger NanoS Plus from its French headquarters.

Leaving your precious NFTs such as the popular Japanese CNP (Cripto Ninja Partners) in your Metamask wallet is not a good idea.
Hacking trouble has been increasing recently, so you must be cautious.

You can minimize that risk by putting it in a hardware wallet, it is also called a cold wallet.
This post explains how to purchase a Ledger NanoS Plus by visiting its Website in France.

Even if you are not familiar with French, you can use English notation by changing language.
I explain it with some screenshots that I took while I was making the purchase, so you can purchase it without hesitation.

What you’ll find in this article:

  • How to buy a Ledger Nano S Plus from Ledger’s most trusted headquarters in France
  • Why I’d recommend having two of them if possible

■What is a hardware wallet?

The so-called metamask wallet is a software wallet that contains a private key inside an installed PC.
So if you get hacked, there is a risk of losing the assets in your wallet.
Hardware wallets, on the other hand, have a private key built into the external device.

They are infinitely less likely to get hacked and can manage their assets securely. With a proven track record, trusted hardware wallets are from Ledger and Trezor.

Here’s a summary of hardware wallet features:

  • An external device has a private key inside
  • Can be disconnected from your PC, hacking risk is infinitely low and it’s safe

There are three Ledger products, but from a cost performance standpoint, Ledger Nano S Plus is recommended.

It’s because of the number of currencies handled, the USB connection, and the reasonable price.

You can purchase it from this official website.

■Three steps to purchase a Ledger NanoS Plus

Here’s how to purchase it.

Follow the steps below:

1)Access Ledger NanoS Plus on the official website of the French headquarters.
2)Choose an item and place it in your shopping cart.
3)Enter the purchaser details.

1)Access Ledger NanoS Plus on the official website of the French headquarters.

First, access the official website of Ledger’s French headquarters here.

2)Choose an item and place it in your shopping cart

Once you’ve made your choice, put it in your cart. Then this screen will appear, so enter the quantity

Select the item on the screen shown above.

The rest is purchaser’s information.

3)Enter the purchaser details

Fill out this attached format.

Enter the buyer’s name, address, and credit card information.

After filling in, press the arrow to move on. On this screen, enter the purchaser’s name, address and credit card information.
It will arrive in about two weeks.

■ Where you should not purchase

Here’s where you should not purchase:


There are two reasons.

1)If it is a used one, it is possible that a virus has been planted.
2)If a private key is known to a third party in advance, it can be exploited unknowingly to extract assets.

If someone has used it beforehand, there is a possibility that a virus has been implemented and the asset could be deleted as soon as it is connected.

■Why you should have two hardware wallets if you can

If your budget permits, I suggest you have two wallets.
Here’s reason why. You may disable your Ledger Nano in case of getting stolen.

If you lose it, you can transfer your assets to the other unit as long as you have the private key.
・If your private key is stolen, you should disable it as soon as possible.
Buying a second one after it’s stolen will take two weeks, so it’s too late.

If you’re using a bank safe deposit box, it’s best to keep it in the safe deposit box,
not just the hardware wallet itself, but also the private key.

If even the private key is stolen, in that case, you can disable the stolen private key if you have another hardware wallet on hand.

Here’s how:

・Log in to a new hardware wallet with the stolen private key and move assets to another wallet, such as a metamask, once
・Initialize the PIN code three times on purpose with a new hardware wallet and connect with a new private key.
・Return assets from a metamask to a new hardware wallet.


Here’s how to buy LedgerNanoSPuls, a hardware wallet, from the official website.

You need a hardware wallet to protect yourvaluable assets. Consider purchasing one to prevent hacking trouble.

You can purchase them on this site. 

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