How to Burn Kiyoshi’s Seeds of the Free Mint Project: A Step-by-Step Guide


Hi, I’m ko_san, Web3 grandpa, wanting to support Japanese NFTs.

Recently, I heard that it is possible to burn Kioshi seed mints, but I want to know the specific method.

Here’s the answer to that question. The method is simple, just burn two seeds in the mint site. I will explain it in detail.

For Kioshi’s seeds mint, please refer to this article.

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■ What is Burning Kioshi’s Seeds

Burning is when two Kioshi seeds are combined to become a new NFT as a single Kioshi.

Moreover, if there are two Kioshi seeds, they can be burned and another new Kioshi will be generated. This function is integrated into a system called Manifold.

Here’s features of burning Kioshi seeds:

・Started suddenly on 2/12 as a guerrilla
・According to Ikehaya on 2/13 Voicy, 10,000 seeds have already been burned
・The scarcity of Kioshi seeds that have not been burned is increasing
・The deadline for burning is not clear, but according to Ikehaya’s broadcast

It seems that a deadline will be set
This is the Voicy link of Ikehaya. It is in Japanese, though.

It seems that 10,000 out of 25,000 seeds have already been burned at this point.

This is a figure made by Uju-san showing what kind of Kioshi is synthesized.

This is the chart which explains what kind of Kiyoshi is generated by Ujuuna.

■ How to Burn Kioshi Seeds

How to burn, here is the procedure:

Step1: Open the burn mint site from the Discord link
Step2: Connect the wallet
Step3: Enter the quantity

To reduce the risk of fraud, please use the official Discord link of NinjaDAO, not the links of other people’s blogs or Twitter.

I will also paste only the NinjaDAO link here.

Step1: Open the burn mint site from the Discord link

This is the mint site.

Step2: Connect the wallet

This is the state of wallet connection.

Step3: Enter the quantity

Depending on the number of Kiyoshi seeds you have in the connected wallet, you can select the quantity from the pull-down menu. In this case, I chose 6 because I can burn up to 6 seeds.

In about a minute, I had three Kiyoshis in my wallet. Success!

■ Future of Burned Kioshi’s Seeds

Kioshis which have already been burned and sold on OpenSea.

As mentioned above, the period for this burn will be set, but there seems to be some Kioshi’s seed owned by the management left, and although it is still uncertain, there is a possibility of the following development.

・Kioshi character game
・Avatar for Metabar

It’s exciting, isn’t it.

■ Summary

The free mint project of Kioshi’s seeds was conducted about a week ago, and now it is possible to burn it, but the specific method is unknown.

Here, I explained the simple method of burning two seeds in the mint site, and the characteristics of burning Kioshi seeds, and how to burn them, and the future of burned Kioshi seeds. 

Please refer to the official Discord link of NinjaDAO to reduce the risk of fraud.

Kiyoshi seeds can also be purchased on OpenSea, so those who want to experience burning or hope for a rare value to rise may also be interesting to purchase.

I recommend moving your important NFTs to a hardware wallet.

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